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케이.퍼.뉴스 – No.1 Fur Webzine
케이.퍼.뉴스 – No.1 Fur Webzine



On Wednesday October 14, 2015, the 2015 ASIA FUR DESIGN SHOWCASE was held at the Conrad Hotel Yeoido, Seoul, South Korea.

The Asia Fur Design Showcase is an International Fur Federation, or “IFF”, Asia regional initiative and a single event which provides young Asian designers the opportunities to learn, create, design using fur, then showcase to the public and media in Asia. This event has been receiving strong support from the local fashion industry wherever it lands. This event consists of three parts: Part I Asia Remix – Fur Design Competition; Part II Fur Future Design Showcase – “Cross Boundary” and Part III: Boutique Showcase by 10 Korean brands held by the International Fur Federation “or IFF”, supported by the Korea Fur Federation and other IFF Asia members aiming to promote the fur industry, support young and uprising designers, promote development of the local fur market.

The International Fur Federation Asia Region Chairman Mr. Thomas Wong, Chairman of Korea Fur Federation Mr. HJ KIM, Deputy Head of Mission from Embassy of Denmark in Korea Mr. Jesper Vibe-Hansen, CNI Luxury (VOGUE) Head of International Partnership Ms. Clare Casey, SAGA FUR’s CEO/Managing Director of Mr. PERTTI Fallenius, Director of Asia Region Ms. Samantha Vesala, Head of Marketing Asia Ms. Nora Tse, Kopenhagen Fur Vice President of Marketing Mr. Kasper
Reinbacher and General Manager of KF’s China Office Ms. Chris Cui, North American Auction House Vice President Mr. Rob Cahill, President of Russian Fur Union Mr. Stolbov Sergey, Chairman of Hong Kong Fur Federation Mr. Henry Sun, Chairman of Japan Fur Federation Mr. Tomoaki Nakamura, IFF’s Global Communication Director Ms. Gorana Stojanovic,IFF Asia Director Ms. Kelly Xu, IFF China Office CEO Mr. Scott Wong an representatives from IFF Asia Board, IFF member associations. In addition, the famous Korean TV address, Movie Star and TV host Ms. Hwang Shin-hye as one of the Asia Remix final jury members and famous Korean MC/Broadcaster Ms. Angela Park as this event’s MC also attended.

Mr. HJ Kim, the Chairman of Korean Fur Federation, or “KFF”, said “This event travels around Asia every year. And Seoul got selected to be the host city for the Second Asia Fur Design Showcase. ” also he added “In order to contribute to the growth of fur industry and become a world level value added industry, we as KFF have been putting lots of effort to discover Fur designers and to foster them. I hope the event will be the opportunity to help people to learn that the fur is very well received material which can be used and created in various ways.”

Mr. Thomas Wong, the Chairman of IFF Asia region said “IFF has conducted many events aiming to support new emerging designers for the future of fur industry. I wish these events provide the opportunities for our new rising designers to show their new created design in front of media and public” he then added “Fashion is about our social status, success, individualism, and good taste. Fur has contributed to fashion and everyday life through its nature, beauty and unique character. It is ageless.” .

This event consists of three parts with the theme “Prism” which was reflected in the colors and lights throughout the event. Part 1: Asia Remix (Asia Young Designer Design Competition). 10 finalists from Japan, China, Korea and Hong Kong showcased their outstanding designs. Ms. Sujin Yeo from Korea awarded the prize of ‘The Best Design Award’, Ms. Sun Ming from China won the prize of ‘The Most Marketable Award’, and Ms. Haruna Aoki won the prize of ‘The Most Creative Award’.

Part 2 ‘New emerging designer showcase (FUR FUTURE DESIGN SHOWCASE)’ introduced creative designs from 6 uprising designers from China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Of which, two star young designers Mr. Austin Wu from Taiwan and Mr. Jamy Wee from China presented their work around theme “cross boundary” combining fur with other materials.

Part 3, “Boutique Showcase” which supported by 10 of Korean top fur brands ( Kookjae Fur, KeunHwa Fur, Dongwu Fur, Ds FURS, Marie-Helene by Taerim, Sungjin Fur, Elfe by Jindo, Woodan Fur, Yunjin Fur, Jindo fur). They showcased their new fur collection for 2015 F/W.

This event not only supports young designers, fur futures but also the retailers and local industry. Over 600 guests attended the event. Among all the guest, there were over 130 media and fashion magazines’ representatives, bloggers, instagrammers, stylists and fashion people attended.

IFF also held a pre event media conference about the Asia Fur Design Showcase 2015 and launched the FUR NOW video campaign during the media conference and the showcase. IFF Asia Region Director Ms. Kelly Xu said ‘Fur Now’ campaign 2015 sends the message that fur is a nature material, it is fashionable, sophisticated and it can fit everyone and everywhere.



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