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케이.퍼.뉴스 – No.1 Fur Webzine
케이.퍼.뉴스 – No.1 Fur Webzine

Marni, Fendi, Brunello Cucinelli and J. Mendel warm to fur handbags

Marni, Fendi, Brunello Cucinelli and J. Mendel warm to fur handbags
Marni, Fendi, Brunello Cucinelli, J. Mendel 등 유명 메이커의 퍼 핸드백에 대한 이야기입니다. 유명 메이커들이 올 가을 컬렉션에 모두 모피 핸드백을 출시했다고 합니다.

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Marni, Fendi, Brunello Cucinelli, J. Mendel all have fur bags in their Fall collections as discussed via video


IF anything can be deemed utterly superfluous, it’s a fur handbag. Tucking one’s wallet and keys in mink or beaver is an act of pure let-them-eat-cake extravagance.

So it makes sense that fur handbags would be a big trend for autumn. Designers are competing to outdo one another in luxury. Among the new bling popping out all over is J. Mendel’s $US6500 ($7000) tote made of broadtail (the pelt of a very young lamb). Brunello Cuccinelli’s mink backpack with two exterior pockets, priced at $US7830 from Neiman Marcus, might not make many children’s back-to-school lists, but it marks the height of the trend.

Stores are stocked with furry bags from Valentino, Burberry, and Fendi. The fall collections, which begin arriving in stores in coming weeks, were a veritable parade of handbags made of fur from the likes of Marchesa, Fendi, Donna Karan, Marni and Derek Lam.


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A renewed appetite for luxury — even silly luxury — is an outgrowth of the sense among many wealthy consumers that the financial crisis has receded to a distant speck in their rearview mirrors. That sentiment is fuelling many segments at the tippy top of the luxury industry. The made-to-order haute couture collections in Paris are experiencing a rebirth. Saks Fifth Avenue, no longer willing to settle for the merely aspirational client, is making itself over as a far more expensive, elite place to shop. Fashion brands report their most expensive products sell out first.

But this isn’t the logo-encrusted bling of the early naughts. It’s far more sensual and much more costly, with a focus on rare materials such as crocodile, handmade lace, and animal pelts used in every way imaginable. Fur was flying down the runway on more than handbags in the fall collections. Oscar de la Renta did an embroidered, fur-hemmed flapper dress. Ralph Rucci lined a puffer coat in mink. Diane von Furstenberg’s Sutra Fox muff bag ($US1698) doubles as a hand warmer.

A fur handbag is chubby, and it can risk being mistaken for a pet. As fashion trends go, this one borders on goofy — even before you’ve seen Fendi’s $US6600 “Monster” baguette bag, which has a face and fuzzy eyebrows.

Why would so many designers, living all over the world, arrive at this concept at the identical time? Jason Wu, who had fur bags in his fall collection, says it’s because designers are so clued into the cultural psyche and watch all the same consumer proclivities. “We’re like food processors,” he says. “We take it all in and we spew out a cocktail.” Plus, he notes, last winter, when designers were creating their autumn 2014 collections, “it was very cold.”

Intense competition in the design industry forces hundreds of designers to make their products stand out. As a result, they sometimes lunge at outlandish ideas. Right now, the more opulent, the better.

It seems everyone wants in on the trend, even if they don’t use fur. Stella McCartney, who is ardently anti-fur, used faux-fur in a houndstooth shoulder bag currently selling at Saks for $US1395.

High retail prices and changing attitudes toward fur will keep some of these bags limited in number compared with other “it” bags presented in collections. Some retailers are stepping away from fur fashions, leaving labels to sell them directly, which most do anyway. Net-a-porter, the Web retailer that is often first to leap on outlandish runway looks, won’t have any of the fur bags and is moving to eliminate most fur from the collections it sells this fall. It will sell pelts such as shearling, according to a person familiar with the retailer’s plans.

Vera Wang’s cuddly black mink tote is listed as “price upon request” — which is designer shorthand for “come in and special-order it.” A spokeswoman confirms the bag wasn’t produced for stores.

J. Mendel, though, is selling four memorable styles — two clutches and two totes — of colour-blocked broadtail, with prices starting at $US4900 for a clutch made of the baby lamb and calf skin. Donna Karan’s long-haired goat bag, looking like an adorable Cousin It, is priced at $US1995 (it should come with a comb).

With the weather still toasty, Saks has an array of fur bags available, from Burberry’s adoptable-looking mink shoulder bag ($US2295) to Valentino’s mink shoulder bag ($US5395). For shoppers who don’t want to commit to the full trend, Fendi has augmented its fall menagerie of fur handbags with accessories to hang from any bag or even your rearview mirror — all made of fur, of course. There are ornamental balls and little monster faces, but the best is a miniature caricature of Karl Lagerfeld, the label’s longtime designer, with white fur for his famous hair.

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